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Study: Vehicle vibrations trigger drowsiness in drivers

The truckers piloting the tractor-trailers that roll in and out of Lake Charles – or rumble by on their way elsewhere – are often making journeys of hundreds of miles at a stretch. To try to maximize their pay and minimize their time on the road, some truckers will drive 9, 10 or 11 hours at time. As many of our readers know, the maximum allowed to truckers by law is 11 hours.

Louisiana family waits for answers, return of loved one in refinery tragedy

Louisiana has an enviable combination of natural resources (oil and natural gas) and modes of transportation that includes busy ports, waterways and interstate highways. While the combination keeps the state’s economy moving, it also means that Louisiana work-related accidents can mean serious injuries or even fatalities.

Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee receive “poor” marks in safety tests

When you go to a Lake Charles car dealer, you are likely to have several factors in mind as you search for a vehicle to fit your needs. Many buyers are looking not only for an attractive car, pick-up or SUV, but also one that has good gas mileage, low maintenance and a record of reliability.

Highway hero saves family after SUV rolls, slams into tree

He learned about life and how to conduct himself in a couple of important ways: he was born and raised in Louisiana and he served his country in the military. The 55-year-old truck driver used his training, instincts and quick thinking to save a family of six after they were in a motor vehicle crash on a Texas interstate highway.

This Friday’s celebration elevates the risk of car crashes

This Friday, marijuana enthusiasts will celebrate an informal holiday known as 420. In cannabis culture, April 20 is a day to partake of the substance (typically around 4:20 pm) and rally for legalization. We don’t know of any 420 celebrations scheduled for Lake Charles, but we do know that fragrant clouds will float over observances around the nation.

It's okay to seek compensation after an accident

According to biologists at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, humans have an instinctual desire to cooperate and be polite. Additionally, we want to avoid stigmatized behavior so that we are not ostracized by others. When thinking about social stigmas surrounding personal injury, many people don't consider themselves the "lawsuit type."

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