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Study: Drowsy drivers in 10 percent of all car crashes

Because Interstates 210 and 10 go through Lake Charles, we are often a stopping place for drivers from Florida on their way to Arizona, or vice versa, and for drivers from Alabama and Mississippi on their way to Texas or New Mexico. There are many other permutations of starting points and destinations, of course.

Crowd safety tips for Mardi Gras celebrations

As the end of Mardi Gras nears and Shrove Tuesday approaches, the final parades and events are in full swing. Music and event venues swell to beyond capacity and maximum occupancy limitations are often ignored. Caught up in the fun of the festivities, patrons are not concerned with swelling crowds. But overcrowding in bars and other establishments can make safe exits nearly impossible in the event of an emergency.

Mardi Gras crash injury victims are still recovering

It has been nearly a year since a drunk driver slammed his pick-up truck into a crowd gathered to watch a Mardi Gras parade. The 26-year-old was recently ordered by a judge to spend about three more years behind bars for the crash that injured more than 30 people.

Proposed protection in tractor-trailer underride crashes

As Lake Charles motorists head out onto Interstate 10 to visit friends and family for the holidays, they will share the road with the most dangerous things on wheels: tractor-trailers. Among the most deadly motor vehicle crashes are truck underride accidents that take place when passenger cars collide with 18-wheelers.

Holiday spoiler alert: roads are going to be crowded

Lake Charles sits between two of America's great cities: Houston, Texas, and Louisiana's own New Orleans. So it is not surprising to see holiday travelers on Interstate 10 headed from one to the other, and to see thousands more coming here to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Sensors to detect distraction, drowsiness in truck drivers

There are no bigger, heavier, more dangerous vehicles rolling through Lake Charles than the 18-wheelers roaring along Interstate 10. Because big rigs are slow to stop and difficult to maneuver, the behemoths are unwieldy; especially so at highway speeds. Two factors that make giant commercial vehicles even more dangerous to be near: fatigued or distracted truckers.

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