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Louisiana corrections officers accused of crimes

Everyone understands that life behind bars is very difficult. Those sentenced to serve time in the Louisiana State Penitentiary have long, trying times ahead of them. Those who work at the prison located about 150 miles east of Lake Charles often struggle, too, trying to get by on low wages as they spend significant portions of their days behind bars as well.

Louisiana mom arrested for Facebook post of video of school fight

About 80 miles east of Lake Charles, you'll find in Lafayette parish the town of Broussard. A 32-year-old mother there recently spent a night in jail after being arrested for what many observers believe is not only a miscarriage of justice, but also a violation of her civil rights.

Criminal justice reform will reduce some excessive punishments

We have not seen much bipartisanship in this year’s Congress, but it has finally reared its head as the end of 2018 is just days away. A bipartisan coalition of Republicans and Democrats that include lawmakers, prosecutors and defense attorneys across the nation are getting closer and closer to passing a criminal justice reform known as the First Step Act.

Louisiana police chief arrested after wife drives cop car on suspended license

When couples marry, they often vow to have and to hold their spouse for better or for worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health. One Louisiana sheriff is accused of taking his wedding vows too far after he allegedly allowed her to drive a marked police vehicle though her driver’s license was suspended.

Wrongfully arrested Louisiana man hailed at New York concert

There is irony in the title of Jay Z’s debut album – “Reasonable Doubt” – and an annual concert recently promoted by the music legend. A 22-year-old Louisiana man was flown to the show as a special guest where he was cheered by concert-goers celebrating his freedom.

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