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Tips for divorcing parents

No matter who you are and no matter what your career and family circumstances might be, divorce is not easy. Divorce might be most complicated of all for parents who are trying to juggle work responsibilities with the needs of their children.

Dual challenge: being successful in marriage and business

The challenges thrown at Lake Charles businesspeople every day are enough to make all but the strongest entrepreneurs run for cover. When you add the challenges of marriage to the demands of creating and running a successful business, the combination can sometimes force a person to choose between commerce and personal relationships.

Tax change to significantly impact many 2019 divorces

It happens at the end of every year: couples struggling to keep their marriages intact will give their relationships one last chance over the holidays. For some couples, that renewed effort brings them closer together and revives their marriages. For others, the holidays serve as a last gasp for their marriages, making it clear that it is finally time to go in another direction.

Marriage expert: Signs of trouble

Six years ago, we had a different U.S. President, Louisiana governor, LSU football coach, and a different coach guiding the McNeese State Cowboys. The best-selling singer of 2012 was Carly Rae Jepsen, the Summer Olympics were in London and Google Glass was a thing.

Professor caught trying to cheat wife, court in divorce

It is often true that problems couples experience in marriage will often follow them into their divorce. If a spouse hides spending or financial information from the other during their marriage, that pattern can continue as they go through the legal process of obtaining a Louisiana divorce.

If a friend divorces, you might be next

Our friends make us laugh and help us face adversity and get through tough times. And according to recent research, our friends are also tremendously influential in matters of divorce. A study by Brown University, Harvard University and the University of California found that you are 75 percent more likely to divorce if a friend has divorced.

How to deal with your divorce at your Lake Charles workplace

It is often difficult to know how to deal appropriately with the emotions and very personal issues that divorce can bring to the surface. There are clearly different types of support and interactions involved when you discuss your divorce with a family member or close friend than when talking about it with a neighbor or co-worker.

Prenups on the rise among millennials

For years, many people believed that prenuptials were exclusively for the wealthy. That perception has changed in recent years, however, as increasing numbers of engaged couples have opted in on the legal documents that describe the division of assets should a couple one day divorce.

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