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Louisiana police chief arrested after wife drives cop car on suspended license

When couples marry, they often vow to have and to hold their spouse for better or for worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health. One Louisiana sheriff is accused of taking his wedding vows too far after he allegedly allowed her to drive a marked police vehicle though her driver’s license was suspended.

Wrongfully arrested Louisiana man hailed at New York concert

There is irony in the title of Jay Z’s debut album – “Reasonable Doubt” – and an annual concert recently promoted by the music legend. A 22-year-old Louisiana man was flown to the show as a special guest where he was cheered by concert-goers celebrating his freedom.

Louisiana boy, 13, accused of stealing vehicle

It is one of those calls that every parent dreads: the police are on the phone to notify you that your child has been picked up and is suspected of illegal activity. Some Louisiana parents north of Lake Charles recently received such a call after their 13-year-old boy was arrested in Caddo Parish.

Louisiana OMV employees arrested

News articles about alleged wrongdoing all have something in common: the person arrested always sounds guilty. Why? Because the details of arrests and evidence all come from the police or prosecutors. Naturally, those two groups are not particularly interested in other versions of events. Their jobs are to make arrests and get convictions.

Debate over Louisiana criminal justice system reform continues

Last year's sweeping reform resulted in drastic changes to Louisiana's prison population. For instance, state officials have reported that there has been a 20 percent decrease in people put in prison for nonviolent crime and a 42 percent decrease in the number of people imprisoned for drug possession.

Louisiana State Police arrest suspected Felony Lane Gang members

On its website, the FBI says that the Felony Lane Gang is "a group of organized burglary and identity theft rings" that originates in Florida. Crews elsewhere are said to operate independently, but also take direction from "a loose hierarchy."

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