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Study shows disturbing level of danger in distracted driving

One of the features that will be mentioned most prominently by an eager salesperson when you walk into a Lake Charles car dealer will be the infotainment systems. These in-dash devices can include navigation, music, back-up camera views, messaging and much more.

The problem: these versatile, popular devices are big distractions. And distracted driving can result in motor vehicle crashes, injuries and deaths. A recent study concluded that the distractions caused by infotainment systems can be even more dangerous than drinking and driving.

The research by IAM RoadSmart determined that the in-vehicle infotainment systems have a detrimental effect on driver response times that is greater than the effects on response times caused by alcohol, marijuana and even phone use while behind the wheel.

The research team tested motorists’ reaction times while driving at highway speeds, finding that the use of the infotainment system resulted in an increase in average stopping of four to five car-lengths. They also determined that motorists were taking their eyes off of the traffic and roads for up to 16 seconds.

Researchers also found that driver use of the infotainment systems had a significant impact on reaction times whether the driver used voice controls or the touchscreens, though the touchscreens were the more distracting of the two.

In the study, drivers impaired by alcohol had a 12 percent increase in reaction times, while drivers who used cannabis had a 21 percent increase. Drivers who used the touchscreen of an Apple CarPlay infotainment system had a 57 percent increase in reaction times. Android’s Auto system fared little better, with a 53 percent increase in reaction times.

Those who have been harmed by a distracted driver should contact a Lake Charles attorney experienced in personal injury litigation.

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