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Jury: Man injured in Lake Charles crash to receive $4.3 million

As regular readers of our blog know, there is nothing on Interstate 10 more dangerous than a tractor-trailer driven by an inattentive trucker. A recent jury decision in a personal injury lawsuit involving an 18-wheeler crash here in Calcasieu Parish made that truth clear.

A GMC Envoy driven west on I-10 by Lafayette resident James Michael Hall was rear-ended by a commercial truck after Hall had slowed and then stopped his vehicle due to traffic congestion. Unfortunately, the trucker did not notice the stopped traffic and slammed his tractor-trailer into the Envoy. After deliberations, a jury awarded the plaintiff $4.3 million.

Hall sued the trucker, as well as his employer, Landstar Ranger, for negligence, arguing that the truck driver operated his rig recklessly and carelessly, failed to pay proper attention to traffic, failed to properly yield to traffic and failed to take evasive action to avoid colliding with Hall’s vehicle.

In the violent rear-end collision, Hall sustained serious injuries to his brain, neck, back, shoulder, knee and to his hand and wrist.

The jury in Lafayette awarded Hall significant compensation, including $232,000 for medical expenses already incurred and $750,000 for future medical expenses. Jurors also awarded him $93,000 for lost wages and $800,000 for his diminished earning capacity. He is also to receive $750,000 for past and future disability and for the diminished enjoyment of life. Lastly, he is to receive $750,000 for future physical and mental suffering, and $1 million for future physical and mental suffering.

If you or a loved one has been harmed in an accident caused by driver negligence, contact a Lake Charles attorney experienced in personal injury litigation.

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