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How to wean off opioids after a surgery

Nationally, opioid prescription rates have been falling in recent years. However, some states are not seeing such a drastic decline. Louisiana is one state that has had a stagnant rate in the last few years. Currently, Louisiana has a rate of 89.5 prescriptions per 100 citizens.

With a rate this high, sustaining injuries in a car crash or other accident could lead to a doctor prescribing you opioids. You could also begin to develop an addiction if you are using this substance for more than a couple of weeks. Attempting to stop using this drug completely can result in severe withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, it is essential to understand how to taper off drug use and to see a medical professional before attempting to do so.

Six tips for overcoming opioid addiction

After being prescribed painkillers, it can be incredibly easy to develop a habit. Following these tips can help you stop relying on this substance:

  • Write your goals down: Keeping track of your goals and your progress can help keep you going. Making a note of your intentions and sharing them with loved ones can also increase the likelihood of staying on track.
  • Log all opioid use: Writing down each time you took a painkiller can help you identify the severity of the problem. This realization can help drive you to cease all use of the drug.
  • Remove all painkillers from your home: By removing all substances from your home, you will remove all temptation. If this is a difficult task to do on your own, asking a loved one for help can be beneficial.
  • Alternate days: Taking your painkillers every other day can be an excellent way to start cutting back on your usage. Continuing to wean off the drug in this manner can also help prevent any withdrawal symptoms.
  • Reach out for help: Informing your loved ones about your intent to stop using opioids can help you stay on the right track. Attempting to hide this information from your family could make the entire process much more difficult.
  • Stay active: Doing activities you enjoy can help keep your mind off using drugs. It can be challenging at first, but when you are preoccupied with your passions and hobbies, staying away from opioids can begin to feel more manageable.

Tapering off opioids can be challenging on your own. Leaning on your loved ones for support can be helpful, but if you need additional assistance, consider seeking medical care.

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