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Survey: overwhelming majority of Louisiana divorces are amicable

According to a recent survey, slightly less than half of all divorces in the U.S. end amicably. The research by the online will-creation site found that two out of three divorces in Louisiana end on amicable terms, however. The site says it surveyed “5,000 divorcees” to arrive at its figures, though it does not speculate why marriages here might end on better terms than they do in most other states.

A Baton Rouge family law attorney shared his theory about why Louisiana divorces tend to be less hostile, on average, however, speculating that life here includes so many pleasant distractions that divorcing spouses can focus on things other than their marital split.

It should be noted that the lawyer appeared to be having a bit of fun with the idea of distractions, listing the playoff-bound Saints and LSU Tigers as major quality-of-life distractions. He did turn serious when talking about the effects of the other third of divorces – the less-than-amicable splits – on family law here.

He said hostile divorces “(fill) the courts throughout the state with very upset people fighting for everything that they possibly can fight for, from pets to patio furniture.”

The survey included a wide range of amicable divorce rates across the nation, with neighboring states Nevada (with just 15 percent of divorces ending amicably) and Utah (79 percent) representing the extremes.

The attorney pointed out that couples who can’t agree to disagree wind up spending more on their divorces. Long, drawn-out legal battles slow the court systems for everyone.

An experienced family law attorney can help couples settle their differences in difficult matters such as child custody, spousal support (alimony) and property distribution.

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