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Study: Big drop in Louisiana’s DWI/DUI arrest rate

It is a good idea to reflect on trends from time to time and assess how Louisiana is doing. We recently read a new study that shows dramatic improvement in the drunk driving arrest rate here.

From 2009 to 2018, the Louisiana DWI/DUI arrest rate fell 59.4 percent – the third-largest decrease in the nation.

In fact, 142.9 out of Louisiana residents are arrested for drunk driving – the fourth lowest total in the US. That’s less than half of the arrest rate of 2009 when 352 out of 100,000 state residents were arrested on DWI/DUI charges.

According to the report, the arrest rate dropped 27.6 percent in the five years from 2014 to 2018.

Overall, the nation has seen the population-adjusted rate of DWI/DUI arrests fall by slightly more than 35 percent since 2009. Only three states (Delaware, Washington and North Dakota) — experienced an increase in drunk driving busts from 2009 to 2018.

The state with the highest arrest rate – South Dakota with 721.9 – is five times higher than Louisiana’s rate. South Dakota is followed by North Dakota, Wyoming, North Carolina and Mississippi.

The states with the five lowest arrest rates: Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Louisiana and Florida.

Men are about three times as likely to be arrested for drunken driving than women, and people are overall less likely to be taken into custody for DWI/DUI as they get older.

Drivers from 21 to 29 make up a third of all those arrested for drunk driving, while those who are in the 60 and above age category comprise just 6 percent of the total.

No matter your age or gender or skin color or religion, a drunk driving charge should be addressed as quickly and effectively as possible with the help of an attorney experienced in DWI/DUI defense.

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