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Lake Charles pedestrian struck, killed by hit-and-run driver

It is a lonely, terrible end. Lying broken and in excruciating pain on an empty street as life ebbs away. This tragedy was played out in a recent pedestrian accident when a Lake Charles man was struck by a vehicle that then drove away.

The 43-year-old died of the injuries sustained in the violent hit-and-run collision, law enforcement officials said.

The early-morning fatal pedestrian crash was before dawn in the intersection of J. Bennet Johnston Avenue and East Broad Street, police said. Officers found the victim dead near the street.

An investigation determined that the man had been struck by a vehicle which then left the scene without stopping. Could the victim have been saved if the driver had stopped and called for an ambulance? We will never know.

We do know that about 6,000 Americans die each year in pedestrian accidents, which means the U.S. averages about one wreck-related pedestrian fatality every 90 minutes of every day of the year.

The Centers for Disease Control says there are an additional 129,000 pedestrian injuries per year. The CDC says these kinds of collisions of motor vehicles and humans means that pedestrians “are 1.5 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to be killed in a car crash on each trip.”

Which pedestrians are at greatest risk of being struck by cars? Children and older adults, the CDC says.

Unsurprisingly, vehicle speed increases the odds of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle, and increases the severity of injuries that he or she will sustain in the collision.

If you or a loved one has been harmed in a Lake Charles pedestrian accident, contact a law firm experienced in personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

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