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Louisiana teacher accused of kicking 5-year-old student in head

If you drive due east of Lake Charles on Interstate 10 for a little bit more than an hour, you will arrive in Lafayette. A special education teacher in Louisiana’s fourth-largest city was recently arrested on a charge of simple battery.

The 47-year-old teacher is accused of kicking a 5-year-old student in the head in the classroom. The boy’s father said, “It replays in my head that this woman putting her foot on my kid. He can’t defend himself.”

A news report about the alleged incident stated that the boy was hurt, but gave no details of any injuries.

The 5-year-old has Down Syndrome, according to the report. The teacher has a master’s degree in special education and has taught for more than 20 years.

She has been suspended from her job while an investigation is conducted into the allegations.

The Chief Administrative Officer of the Lafayette Parish Schools System said the organization “takes all reports of alleged incidents of employee misconduct seriously” and that they are cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation and conducting an inquiry of their own.

The boy’s parents say they were contacted by the school’s principal, who told them that a pair of witnesses reported the incident. The child’s mother said of the teacher, “I would like her not to be able to teach and not to be trusted with any child.”

When the Lafayette TV station asked the teacher to comment, they were referred to her attorney. While we don’t know if she did what has been alleged, we do know that it makes sense for someone charged with a crime to decline to speak to reporters.

The teacher’s career is clearly on the line. In these difficult situations, it is a good idea to not give in to temptation and explain your side of events to reporters or investigators until you have talked over the evidence, allegations and your options with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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