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Apps available to make co-parenting easier

If you are a Lake Charles parent, you are required to assess and decide on an endless list of issues and questions about your child’s schooling, friends, religion, diet, clothes, extracurricular activities, homework, screen time and much more. It’s just part of your job as a parent,

If you’re a divorcing parent, you have all of those matters to address as well as a host of other complex, often related issues, including the negotiation with the help of your family law attorney of child custody arrangements. For many, those custody agreements involve co-parenting; sharing with your ex custody and child-rearing responsibilities.

Fortunately, technology is available to help you with co-parenting. A slew of co-parenting apps on Apple’s App Store and Google Play can help you sort and track the details of your half of co-parenting.

For instance, AppClose has a calendar that enables you (and those of your choosing) to see exactly where you and your child are scheduled to be at any time on any day. With a glance, you and your ex will know exactly when and where drop-offs and pick-ups are to take place, for example, as well as play-dates, soccer games, school outings, grandparent visits and everything else that’s coming up.

A feature called Expenses enables you to track what you spend on clothes, schoolbooks, birthday parties, etc., while the Requests feature enables you to ask for reimbursements and keep track of payments from your child’s other parent.

AppClose is one of many applications designed to make co-parenting more cooperative and less complex: coParenter, SmartCoparent, Fayr, Truece and others are also vying for attention and downloads.


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