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Dispelling divorce myths

A person who is mulling divorce is likely to ask friends and family for advice about the choices they face. Unfortunately, some family members and friends are likely to pass along divorce myths that might cloud the very real issues and difficult decisions about child custody and property division that need to be made.

In this post on our Lake Charles legal blog, we’re going to take a look at a few of the most popular myths and help to dispel them.

A recent news article about divorce myths noted that one of the most popular, enduring myths is that mothers always get custody of the children. While that might have been true (or at least partially true) at one time, the reality today is that many fathers ask for and receive joint custody of the kids.

According to mental health experts, shared custody helps children maintain close, loving relationships with both parents – an important part of helping children feel secure and safe as their mom and dad go separate ways.

Other divorce myths include the following:

  • Problems end when parents get a divorce: even though divorced parents have separate lives, they are forever connected through their children. So it is important to work with a family law attorney who will negotiate an acceptable custody arrangement that allows both former spouses to focus on their kids rather than differences that led to the divorce.
  • Spousal support is gender-based: many people assume that if alimony is granted in a divorce, it goes automatically to the woman. But women are in many cases the primary breadwinner in households today. And in those situations, it can be possible for the man to request and receive spousal support.

If you are considering a divorce, contact a Lake Charles attorney experienced in helping clients resolve difficult family law issues and move on in their lives.

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