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Community property: what it means in your Louisiana divorce

Veteran talk show host Larry King has filed for his eighth divorce from his seventh wife. King was married and divorced from one woman twice.

The 85-year-old cited irreconcilable differences in the paperwork his family law attorney filed for him in court. Though the long-time TV host doesn’t live here in Louisiana – he filed for divorce in his home state of California – the two places share an important aspect of divorce law. Both are among the nine community property states.

When someone seeks a divorce in Louisiana, the assets that they and their spouse acquired during marriage are all considered community property. That means that those assets are owned by both spouses equally.

What does community property include?

  • Earnings
  • Real estate purchased with the earnings
  • Debts the couple accrued during marriage

The court considers the onset of community property to be the day the marriage began and the end of community property to be when the couple separates with the intent to divorce. So all assets acquired after that separation and before the marriage are deemed separate property and are owned solely by the person who acquired them.

Property division often gets complicated, of course. In many cases, a spouse will comingle their separate property with community property. One way to do that is to add money acquired before the marriage to community property funds (often done with joint banking accounts).

We do not know if any of these matters will affect King’s split, but we do want to help you sort out these matters in your Lake Charles divorce. Our experienced legal team understands how to use the law to protect you, your family and your assets.

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