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Can social media affect my divorce?

No one can discount how popular using social media has become. Any day, you can log on and see elaborate pregnancy announcements, marriage proposals or news about someone's latest promotion. However, if you're going through a difficult divorce, what role might social media play in your divorce proceedings? The answer often is a larger one that you may be aware of.

According to a National Law review article earlier this year, now 81% of attorneys find evidence on social media they feel is worth presenting in court. As a result, more and more divorce and family law attorneys recommend deactivating your social media account while going through a divorce because social media posts can affect your divorce proceedings.

What to avoid posting

We all have the right to free speech in this country, but if you start posting lies on social media, you can face a lawsuit. So, trashing a former spouse by claiming he or she is an abusive alcoholic or behind on child support when that's not true is never a good idea.

Neither is more general trash talking. If you disparage your spouse enough that affects his or her career, that can impact his or her ability to pay child support.

When it comes to social media and divorce, the adage you learned as a child still holds true: if you can't say something nice, just say nothing. That's the best way to steer clear of many pitfalls while going through divorce.

Protecting your child's privacy

You also may want to protect your child's privacy after the divorce. Perhaps you don't want everyone knowing what your child custody arrangements are or where you moved after the divorce was final. If your children are reaching the teen years, maybe you don't want them on social media at all while your ex feels that's fine.

Whatever the case, consider drafting a social media agreement as part of your divorce. So, both parents are on the same page as to how much of your child's life should be public knowledge.

Divorce is an emotional, difficult process. You more than likely will be reaching out to friends and family members for support. However, keeping those communications off social media most likely will benefit you in the long run.

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