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Trucker arrested after apparently deliberate road rage crash

Everyone who has driven around Lake Charles knows the feeling: you are motoring along when you see two other drivers honking, gesturing and sometimes yelling at each other. Their flash of anger typically dissipates quickly and everyone drives off to their destinations no worse for the wear. But sometimes drivers experience a rush of adrenaline and ire that takes over.

Road rage is apparently at the root of a recent 18-wheeler crash that left a Louisiana motorcyclist dead.

Law enforcement officials arrested the 61-year-old truck driver on a charge of negligent homicide after he repeatedly slammed his 18-wheeler into the back of a motorcycle. Baton Rouge police said the Kenworth rig hit the rear of a motorcycle driven by a 38-year-old man, who witnesses said had yelled something at the trucker.

A police department spokesperson said that when the motorcycle became wedged beneath the semi-truck, the rider fell off and was then run over by the big rig.

A police officer saw the incident unfolding and yelled at the trucker and motorcyclist to pull over, but that the truck driver accelerated instead and struck the motorcycle again.

The trucker told police that he did not see the motorcyclist and thought that he had driven over a pothole and that he was accelerating merely to keep up with traffic. However, a surveillance camera video showed that the cycle was several car lengths in front of the commercial truck before the final collision.

Those who are injured or who lose a loved one in a truck crash can pursue justice and compensation for damages with the help of a Lake Charles attorney experienced in personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

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