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Divorced parents can make summertime good for their kids, too

Children love summertime. There’s no school to attend and it’s often the time in which families travel on vacations to theme parks, nature getaways and more. For children of divorced parents, arrangements for travel and visitations can be complicated, sometimes awkward and far too often hostile.

That is why it is so important for parents who are going to divorce to do it with respect and civility with the help of family law attorneys who will help protect the children at every step of the legal process. In that way, the mom, dad and kids can all move on with their lives and find ways to cooperate and enjoy summers, holidays and the rest of the precious childhood years.

Good co-parenting is key to helping children get through the divorce intact and feeling safe, ready to adapt to life with their parents in separate homes.

“Co-parenting successfully means cooperating and communicating about everyone's needs and desires," a licensed professional counselor told a newspaper reporter. "When parents are on the same page, you and your child will feel more secure and relaxed. That makes for a fun summer."

He added that if parents are struggling to agree on how to raise the kids, it is a good idea to reach out and speak with a professional such as a mediator, therapist or counselor. And then with acquired communication skills, you will be likely to have an easier time resolving areas of disagreement in the future.

A marriage therapist added an important point for divorcing parents to remember: “When children are involved in the divorce it is imperative that parents remember that this is not just your ex, but the other parent of your child.”

One of the most important decisions you’ll make in your divorce is your choice of the attorney who will guide you through the court system, negotiations and resolutions of disagreements over child custody and other important issues.

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