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Louisiana corrections officers accused of crimes

Everyone understands that life behind bars is very difficult. Those sentenced to serve time in the Louisiana State Penitentiary have long, trying times ahead of them. Those who work at the prison located about 150 miles east of Lake Charles often struggle, too, trying to get by on low wages as they spend significant portions of their days behind bars as well.

We read recently of seven Angola employees arrested on charges that include felony malfeasance in office, smuggling contraband and sexual misconduct.

Investigators at the prison – the largest maximum security facility in the United States – said the arrests are part of “an aggressive effort to end and prevent the unlawful behavior by prison employees.” They said the investigation will continue and that more arrests of prison workers can be expected.

Those arrested include a 45-year-old female prison employee who reportedly admitted to having “an inappropriate relationship with an offender.” She has resigned her corrections officer position after being charged with felony malfeasance and sexual misconduct.

A corrections officer who had been on the job less than a year also resigned after he apparently admitted to conspiring with inmates and inmates’ relatives to smuggle contraband into Angola. He was also charged with felony malfeasance in office.

Six of the seven arrested were accused of having inappropriate relationships with inmates, a news report stated.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime that could result in a prison sentence, it is wise to decline to speak to investigators or prosecutors until you have had the chance to discuss the allegations, evidence and your legal options with a Lake Charles attorney experienced in criminal defense.

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