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Why has the divorce rate dropped?

We have all heard that half of all marriages end in divorce. But that statistic has been outdated for years, Time magazine says. The divorce rate is on the decline and sits at about 39 percent in the U.S. today.

That begs the question of why the divorce rate has dropped.

Time says much of the credit for the dropping divorce rate goes to Millennials. A recent study determined that those who got married in 2016 are 18 percent less likely to get divorced than those who married in 2008. The magazine says those findings are echoed across the Atlantic in the UK, where today's young couples’ are 27 percent more likely to get to their 10th anniversary than couples who were wed back in the 1980s.

One reason divorce is less common among Millennials is because people have gotten more selective about choosing partners. At one point, young people essentially became adults by marrying, but now marriage is considered less of a mandatory ritual than a risk that should be carefully considered before being undertaken.

Young couples today are much more likely to cohabit and to wait to for an ideal match. In that way, their chances of being financially secure are enhanced, and educations are secured.

While cohabiting while trying to determine if the roommate will become a partner in marriage might work for many, in far too many cases people are cohabiting to relieve loneliness or to lighten financial burdens. So the drop in divorce doesn’t necessarily mean people have finally figured out how to select partners, but rather might simply mean that we have shifted relationship difficulties to cohabitation.

If you face the end of your marriage or need to resolve family disputes after cohabitation, contact a Lake Charles attorney experienced in divorce and resolution of other family law matters.

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