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Wrongfully arrested Louisiana man hailed at New York concert

There is irony in the title of Jay Z’s debut album – “Reasonable Doubt” – and an annual concert recently promoted by the music legend. A 22-year-old Louisiana man was flown to the show as a special guest where he was cheered by concert-goers celebrating his freedom.

Raheem Howard, of Baton Rouge, was wrongfully arrested, charged and jailed for shooting at a police officer. CNN commentator Angela Rye told the crowd that when the community made its voice heard and evidence in the case was examined, injustice was reversed and Howard was released.

"The facts of the case, which came out after the community made it impossible for the DA to ignore, made it clear that Howard was innocent,” Rye told the audience at the annual Brooklyn concert. "But it took your voices."

Howard spent nearly a month behind bars on charges that he attempted to murder a police officer.

The now-fired Baton Rouge officer shot at Howard after he fled a traffic stop. The officer initially claimed Howard first shot at him, but it was later determined by the district attorney that there was no evidence that Howard possessed a gun or had shot one.

"He's fired,” Howard said of the officer, “but that's not justice. I want him arrested.” He said law enforcement officers should "arrest him just like (he) arrested me."

Though he was fired, the former cop has not been charged with any crimes. According to a news article, the district attorney’s office said it is reviewing evidence in the case.

Those unjustly arrested should not lose hope. With the help of an experienced, skilled criminal defense attorney, you can retain your rights and freedom.

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