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Another important divorce tool to know is QDRO

Louisiana is a community property state. What that means if you are a divorcing couple is that assets accumulated in the course of the marriage are equally owned. For example, assuming you bought a house together, you each are entitled to half the value of that property. The same goes for cars, furniture and artworks or collectibles.

Wrongfully arrested Louisiana man hailed at New York concert

There is irony in the title of Jay Z’s debut album – “Reasonable Doubt” – and an annual concert recently promoted by the music legend. A 22-year-old Louisiana man was flown to the show as a special guest where he was cheered by concert-goers celebrating his freedom.

Part II – Study: Fatigued drivers as dangerous as drunk drivers

Regular readers of our Lake Charles legal blog undoubtedly recall our recent post about the dangers posed to drivers by fatigued truckers. As we stated a few days ago, the most common cause of 18-wheeler crashes is sleep-deprived truck drivers.

Part I – Study: Fatigued drivers as dangerous as drunk drivers

They roll through Lake Charles all day and all night. Tractor-trailers move needed goods into our city and take locally produced products elsewhere. While most trucking is done carefully and safely, the industry is nevertheless plagued by violent truck accidents that result in serious injuries and deaths.

Using a car seat the right way could save your child’s life.

At first glance, using a car seat may seem straight forward, but when you have your first child, you suddenly realize it’s not as self-explanatory as you’d once thought. There are so many questions you’d never before considered: Which type of car seat should you use? Which direction should the seat face—and for how long?

Marriage expert: Signs of trouble

Six years ago, we had a different U.S. President, Louisiana governor, LSU football coach, and a different coach guiding the McNeese State Cowboys. The best-selling singer of 2012 was Carly Rae Jepsen, the Summer Olympics were in London and Google Glass was a thing.

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