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Take these precautions to prevent workplace injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Louisiana continues to be one of the lowest states with reported workplace related injuries and illnesses. In fact, the number has held steady or decreased every year since 2007.

But just because the number of reported workplace injuries remains low, it does not mean precautions should not continually be taken. Workplace injuries can be anything from minor incidents that only require a quick visit with medical staff to an injury that causes significant time off from work. Regardless if the injury is minor or major, knowing what may cause an injury is important to preventing an injury.


Lifting is one of the main causes of workplace injuries. You can avoid back injuries and straining muscles by practicing safe lifting. Ask for help from a co-worker or use a machine instead of handling a tough lifting job yourself when you can.


A major cause for workplace falls, slips and trips is due to poor lighting. If you are working in an area that does not have proper lighting, contact a supervisor to see how the problem can be fixed.


There are hundreds of people in the U.S. who have been injured or even died due to workplace violence. Violence between employees can occur in high stress areas where conflict can arise quickly. If you see that tensions are rising in an area where you work, you can refer to guidelines set forth by OSHA to assist in resolving the issue.

Falls and trips

A fall or a trip at work can easily lead to a significant injury. Some things to keep in mind to avoid a trip or fall include wearing proper footwear, watching out for slippery surfaces, not rushing and keeping an eye on the weather conditions.


While it may be one of the less common hazards at a workplace, stress can cause serious and even fatal injuries. If you are stressed at work, it can deviate from your normal routine. When you are not in the right mindset, an accident may be inevitable. Sometimes a break or time off from work can help, but if the condition continues, you may want to seek help for stress management.


Being physically prepared for work is imperative to not only avoid accidents, but to do your job the best way you can. Fatigue is most common from lack of sleep or from extensive mental or physical exertion. Even a well-rested individual can experience fatigue. If you are having an unusually taxing day at work, be sure to take breaks when you need them throughout the day.


Looking for a shortcut or a quicker way to get a job done can be a critical safety concern. Especially if you are working with heavy machinery.


If you become complacent on how you are doing your job, there is a chance you may begin to ignore safety precautions. This comfortability can take your mind off your work and even allow you to forego double-checking your work. Workplace accidents can happen anywhere at any time.


Whether you are distracted by another employee or a personal matter, you should do your best to remove the distraction while you work. When your mind is not on the job the risk of an injury will likely grow.

If you have experienced any of these behaviors while at work, it may be time to step back and re-evaluate your work situation. By staying aware of dangers that can cause you injury at work, you can dramatically decrease your chances of missing valuable work time.

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