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Professor caught trying to cheat wife, court in divorce

It is often true that problems couples experience in marriage will often follow them into their divorce. If a spouse hides spending or financial information from the other during their marriage, that pattern can continue as they go through the legal process of obtaining a Louisiana divorce.

The problem for the spouse who hides assets in divorce is that they can face punishment as a result. We read recently of a university professor who was convicted by a jury of attempted theft by swindle and aggravated forgery for falsifying documents in an attempt to hide the value of his retirement fund from the court and his wife in divorce.

The woman’s divorce attorney said, "Not only was he trying to cheat his wife out of what was rightfully hers, but he also was deceiving the court in his filings. Apparently, because he was one of the top people in his field, he thought he could outsmart police and the courts. He was wrong, and we will now ask the judge for a tough sentence."

The 57-year-old professor of electrical and computer engineering will be sentenced in early November.

His employer released a statement saying the university is aware of the verdict and is “reviewing the matter.”

According to a news report, the criminal complaint and trial testimony shows that the professor’s ex-wife contacted police after she said the professor “offered forged documents to her divorce attorney” showing that his retirement account was valued at $745,000. She said she believed the nest egg was worth much more.

Investigators found that intentionally omitted information in the documents would have cost her more than $350,000.

The case illustrates one of the many important ways in which an experienced family law attorney protects clients at every step of the process.

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