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August 2018 Archives

Debate over Louisiana criminal justice system reform continues

Last year's sweeping reform resulted in drastic changes to Louisiana's prison population. For instance, state officials have reported that there has been a 20 percent decrease in people put in prison for nonviolent crime and a 42 percent decrease in the number of people imprisoned for drug possession.

How to deal with your divorce at your Lake Charles workplace

It is often difficult to know how to deal appropriately with the emotions and very personal issues that divorce can bring to the surface. There are clearly different types of support and interactions involved when you discuss your divorce with a family member or close friend than when talking about it with a neighbor or co-worker.

Watch Out For Bail Money Scams

A recent incident in Louisiana serves as an important reminder of a common scam that targets well-meaning parents and grandparents of adult children: the bail money scam.

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