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July 2018 Archives

Study: Vehicle vibrations trigger drowsiness in drivers

The truckers piloting the tractor-trailers that roll in and out of Lake Charles – or rumble by on their way elsewhere – are often making journeys of hundreds of miles at a stretch. To try to maximize their pay and minimize their time on the road, some truckers will drive 9, 10 or 11 hours at time. As many of our readers know, the maximum allowed to truckers by law is 11 hours.

Prenups on the rise among millennials

For years, many people believed that prenuptials were exclusively for the wealthy. That perception has changed in recent years, however, as increasing numbers of engaged couples have opted in on the legal documents that describe the division of assets should a couple one day divorce.

Louisiana family waits for answers, return of loved one in refinery tragedy

Louisiana has an enviable combination of natural resources (oil and natural gas) and modes of transportation that includes busy ports, waterways and interstate highways. While the combination keeps the state’s economy moving, it also means that Louisiana work-related accidents can mean serious injuries or even fatalities.

Are Smart Helmets The Future Of Bike And Motorcycle Safety?

Anyone who rides a bicycle or motorcycle knows that they face serious risks every time they get on the road. No matter how safe they are, they cannot overcome the reality that they do not have the protection afforded to drivers of cars and trucks, and that the drivers of those other vehicles tend to do a poor job of sharing the road.

Louisiana State Police arrest suspected Felony Lane Gang members

On its website, the FBI says that the Felony Lane Gang is "a group of organized burglary and identity theft rings" that originates in Florida. Crews elsewhere are said to operate independently, but also take direction from "a loose hierarchy."

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