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Study: Everyone hates distracted driving, but many continue to do it

We humans have a remarkable ability to know that something is true but at the very same time ignore that knowledge. A recent study on traffic safety drives that point home.

The study reveals that most of us are agree that distracted driving causes car accidents, injuries and fatalities. At the same time, many of us continue to engage in the dangerous behavior.

The study also makes it clear that even those drivers who say that they rarely drive distracted will nonetheless engage in distracting behaviors while they're behind the wheel. The study is also making people wonder how often our increasingly complex cars (and their increasingly engaging user interfaces) are sources of dangerous distractions.

A news report on the study notes that government figures indicate that about 10 percent of all traffic fatalities are caused by distracted drivers. Despite efforts by federal and local government agencies and by automakers and tech companies, that percentage has held steady for several years.

It isn't as if everyone is ignoring the problem. The reality is that despite efforts on a number of fronts, people keep paying more attention to their phones and other tech gadgets than the road and the traffic.

It makes us wonder if some people who reported to researchers that they rarely drive distracted are being completely honest with themselves. The study shows that even those who report that they "rarely" drive distracted at the same time concede that they sometimes talk on the phone while driving and sometimes check out their GPS navigation.

It's clear that despite good intentions, drivers and tech companies must redouble efforts to reduce distractions, distracting behaviors and the risks to motorists.

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