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Which Louisiana city has the state's highest divorce rate?

If you drive east of Lake Charles on Interstate 10 for a little more than three hours, you will come to the divorce capital of Louisiana: Westwego. The Jefferson Parish town sits on the banks of the Mississippi river with a divorced population of 19.3 percent, according to a recent news article.

That rate is well above the state's percentage of divorced residents: 12. It also makes Westwego the community with the highest divorce rate in Louisiana.

According to an article in USA Today, the community with the very highest divorce rate in the nation is Clarkston, Washington, with 25.7 percent of residents there having ended at least one marriage. We had never heard of the town, so we looked at the Clarkston website and learned that it "is the gateway to North America's deepest gorge, Hells Canyon."

Maybe the name of the gorge is purely a coincidence.

The city with the second highest divorce rate in the U.S. is aptly named Truth or Consequences. The small New Mexico town (its population is less than 7,000) is just south of Elephant Butte, an even smaller town (population: less than 2,000).

Another town with an interesting name -- Devils Lake, North Dakota -- has the very lowest divorce rate in the nation. Just 14.4 percent of its residents have gone through a divorce, USA Today says.

If you're wondering how Lake Charles stacks up, the U.S. Census Bureau states that in 2016, of the males ages 15 and above who live here, 12.1 percent are divorced, while 15 percent of females ages 15 and above are divorced.

The prospect of divorce can be daunting for many reasons. A family law attorney experienced in negotiations and litigation can help you navigate a complex legal process while protecting your family, your rights and your interests at every step.

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