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Putting on the wedding gown one more time

For many women, it's a mystery what to do with their wedding gown. It's not really the sort of dress you can wear to the office, gym or grocery store. Nicole Niesner's friends found a reason to pull their gowns out of storage.

They arrived in mountains of taffeta with bottles of wine at Niesner's home on the night her divorce was finalized. The divorce party was on. “The party wasn’t celebrating divorce necessarily," said Niesner. "It was about friendship and supporting me as I start my new chapter."

The thirty-six-year-old mother of three said that even though she wanted to end her marriage, “Divorce is devastating, no matter what the reason for it. It’s a very painful process."

The women had some food and wine and talked about their weddings and their children. They danced, they laughed and they took some photos as they showed support and love for one another.

Niesner embraces the changes that come with divorce. She said she's working out, has taken up painting and is focusing on her children and her own happiness. “My life isn’t over because my marriage ended,” she said. “I’m going to live it to the fullest."

Though divorce parties are trending these days on social media, they are not for everyone. No matter how you decide to mark the end of a marriage, the important thing is to get through the divorce process with the support of your family and friends.

They help you cope with the emotional challenges of divorce. A skilled family law attorney helps you resolve difficult divorce disputes over child custody, property division and other important legal matters.

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