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Louisiana near bottom of Best Places to Raise a Family list

We have all seen the lists that name the toughest jobs in America, the best cities for tourists, the worst places to retire, the best states in which to start a business, and so on. The lists can be fun and informative, and are often good ways to start discussions around the water cooler at work or over the back fence at home.

We read recently a list of the best and worst states in which to raise a family. The personal finance website WalletHub listed Massachusetts and Minnesota at the top and New Mexico and Mississippi at the very bottom. The Bayou State placed 46th, due to low marks for crime, infant mortality and poverty. Louisiana's divorce rate ranks 49th, which also helped push us toward the bottom of the list.

Let's be clear, though, that despite some flaws, Louisiana is a great place to raise a family. The WalletHub list is an interesting conversation-starter, but is by no means a definitive statement about our home.

That said, let's point out some of the positives mentioned in the list. For instance, we rank second in the nation for lowest child care costs and well above average for "family fun." Unfortunately, we're dead last in socio-economics, and we rank 48th in affordability, 44th in education and child care and 49th in health and safety.

As you know, financial stress is one of the most common causes of divorce. Differences in child-rearing philosophies can also be major factors in decisions to end marriages. Other contributing circumstances can include infidelity, incompatibility and unusual situations that put extraordinary pressures on relationships (a long-term illness, for example).

No matter how or why you have arrived at the end of your marriage, skilled help is available to enable you to protect your family and assets in divorce. Contact The Johnson Firm to discuss your priorities and legal options.

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