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When divorce looms over the new year

The holiday season is about to come to a close. The presents have been unwrapped, the Christmas tree is getting a bit dry and it's just about time to issue a New Year's resolution. After 2018 has been rung in, many couples will experience one more holiday tradition: filing for divorce in Lake Charles.

"Divorce Day" is the first working Monday after the holiday season is over. In 2018, it will fall on January 8. For many couples, that's the day when they stop trying to make marriage work and decide instead to make a clean break and get a fresh start in the new year.

Some family law attorneys will get twice as many calls asking about representation in divorce proceedings on "Divorce Day." Some law firms will get even more.

A couple of years ago, a law firm did a poll right before Christmas to find out what made "Divorce Day" happen with such regularity. The reasons were as obvious as you might expect: about 40 percent of couples surveyed reported problems during the previous year, with about 10 percent characterizing their problems as "severe."

A quarter of the couples queried said they viewed the holiday season as a make-or-break time for their marriage, with 10 percent sure that they would decide over the holidays to continue or end their marriages.

Of course, it's possible that an all-or-nothing approach to the holidays is itself a stress that will lead to a negative outcome.

"There's also a lot of pressure on families over the festive season to ensure that the day is perfect, so when reality falls short of expectations, it can be very difficult," a family law attorney said.

If it is time for you to discuss your legal options with a family law attorney, choose one who understands the law and how to help families through difficult disagreements over child custody and property division.

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