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Three ways to avoid the worst Christmas ever

In some ways, the lights atop a police car can appear festive when they flash. During the holiday season, police car lights might even remind you of a Christmas tree. But there is no doubt that when a police car lights up in your rear-view mirror, it causes a sinking feeling. If you were drinking before getting behind the wheel of your vehicle, being pulled over by Lake Charles police can mean that you will face arrest for drunk driving, jail time, fines, mandated installation of an ignition interlock device and more.

Few things can ruin Christmas or New Year's faster than a DWI. Let's take a quick look at a few precautions you can take to help you avoid the worst holiday season ever.

One of the very best precautions is to select a reliable designated driver from among your family members or friends. If you're going out to celebrate, the designated driver can be the best insurance you have to get home safely and without any police lights in your mirror.

Here are a couple more tips on avoiding a DWI:

  • Call a cab or ride-sharing service: If you are impaired, don't try to drive home. Spend a few dollars on a taxi so that you can arrive at your destination rather than the police station. If your BFF is the one who is intoxicated, gently and firmly hold their keys until a cab arrives or a sober driver can get your friend home.
  • Enjoy some food: If you're drinking at an office party or a friend's home, enjoy the offered food. Eat more than chips, too; have a sandwich (or two) that can help absorb alcohol.

If the police car has already lit up in your rear-view mirror, there are also steps you can take to protect yourself, including placing a call to an attorney experienced in DWI defense. Discuss the evidence and your legal options with a skilled lawyer and find out how you might be able to avoid the worst punishments the law has to offer.

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