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October 2017 Archives

Sensors to detect distraction, drowsiness in truck drivers

There are no bigger, heavier, more dangerous vehicles rolling through Lake Charles than the 18-wheelers roaring along Interstate 10. Because big rigs are slow to stop and difficult to maneuver, the behemoths are unwieldy; especially so at highway speeds. Two factors that make giant commercial vehicles even more dangerous to be near: fatigued or distracted truckers.

Confidence in lawyers leads to return to court – and basketball

Lake Charles fans of pro basketball have likely traveled to New Orleans to see the Pelicans play. One of this season's most interesting NBA teams promises to be the Boston Celtics. The team's revamped line-up includes power forward Marcus Morris, who is finally joining the team after missing the early preseason to attend an aggravated assault trial with co-defendant and twin brother Markieff.

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