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Is it time to lower Louisiana’s legal alcohol limit?

Back in 1998, President Bill Clinton called for a new national standard for drivers and alcohol consumption. Across the nation, states adopted a .08 percent BAC (blood alcohol content), meaning that any driver who had that concentration of alcohol or above could be arrested for drunk driving.

Clinton’s goal at the time was to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes caused by drunk drivers. New research indicates that it might be time for another reduction in the BAC. A recently released study shows that 15 percent of all alcohol-related crash fatalities in the U.S. involve drivers with a BAC below the legal limit.

Study shows disturbing level of danger in distracted driving

One of the features that will be mentioned most prominently by an eager salesperson when you walk into a Lake Charles car dealer will be the infotainment systems. These in-dash devices can include navigation, music, back-up camera views, messaging and much more.

The problem: these versatile, popular devices are big distractions. And distracted driving can result in motor vehicle crashes, injuries and deaths. A recent study concluded that the distractions caused by infotainment systems can be even more dangerous than drinking and driving.

A different kind of Louisiana marriage and divorce

More than 20 years ago, Louisiana became the first state in the nation to allow its citizens to enter into a covenant marriage. While only a small percentage of people decide on a covenant marriage, it is regardless a fully legitimate and legal form of marriage here, as well as in Arkansas and Arizona.

There are different rules and standards to enter into a covenant marriage and also different rules and standards for divorce in these arrangements. Let’s take a quick look first at the rules and standards agreed to before a covenant marriage.

Possible career repercussions after drunk driving arrests

As regular readers of our Lake Charles legal blog know, Louisiana’s drunk driving laws are among the harshest in the nation. Those convicted of DUI/DWI can face jail time, fines and lengthy driver’s license suspensions. There can be other results, though not imposed on you by the state, can be just as painful, including drastically higher vehicle insurance premiums and even loss of a job or career.

Two recent Louisiana drunk driving arrests could very well have significant negative impacts on the careers of those involved.

Jury: Man injured in Lake Charles crash to receive $4.3 million

As regular readers of our blog know, there is nothing on Interstate 10 more dangerous than a tractor-trailer driven by an inattentive trucker. A recent jury decision in a personal injury lawsuit involving an 18-wheeler crash here in Calcasieu Parish made that truth clear.

A GMC Envoy driven west on I-10 by Lafayette resident James Michael Hall was rear-ended by a commercial truck after Hall had slowed and then stopped his vehicle due to traffic congestion. Unfortunately, the trucker did not notice the stopped traffic and slammed his tractor-trailer into the Envoy. After deliberations, a jury awarded the plaintiff $4.3 million.

How can you pay for your medical bills after an accident?

Car accidents can result in serious — and sometimes life-changing — injuries. The cost of recovery can be burdensome for many people. But luckily, filing a personal injury claim can help you afford any expenses related to your accident injury.

However, some insurance companies try to offer lower settlements in order to save money. That’s why it’s crucial to take the following steps after your accident so you can receive the benefits you need to afford your medical expenses.

The highest divorce rate in Louisiana revealed

If you hop on Interstate 10 and drive 200 miles to the east of Lake Charles, you will arrive in Jefferson. The modestly sized city sits just south of Lake Pontchartrain and was home to 1940s jazz musician Johnny Wiggs (mentor to Pete Fountain) and jazz trombonist William Ridgley, well-known in the 1920s and ‘30s.

Today, however, Jefferson has gained some measure of notoriety as the city with the highest rate of divorce in Louisiana.

Louisiana bride on honeymoon arrested in case of mistaken identity

Few things in life are more romantic than a honeymoon. And few things are less romantic than being arrested on your honeymoon. But that’s what happened to a Louisiana woman who was on a cruise ship returning from her honeymoon in Cozumel, Mexico, when she was placed in handcuffs and arrested.

According to news reports, the arrest was the result of mistaken identity. The bride -- Sara Saucier – had been identified by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office as the same Sara Saucier who had failed to return a leased vehicle in 2017. Problem: law enforcement officials who boarded the cruise ship and made the arrest had the wrong Sara Saucier.

Louisiana police officer accused of causing drunk driving crash

Two hours east on Interstate 10: that is all it takes to get from Lake Charles to Louisiana’s capital of Baton Rouge. We recently read a report that a police officer there has been accused of causing a head-on collision while he was behind the wheel of an unmarked police car.

The 30-year-old officer from Ethel is also accused of drunk driving

How to wean off opioids after a surgery

Nationally, opioid prescription rates have been falling in recent years. However, some states are not seeing such a drastic decline. Louisiana is one state that has had a stagnant rate in the last few years. Currently, Louisiana has a rate of 89.5 prescriptions per 100 citizens.

With a rate this high, sustaining injuries in a car crash or other accident could lead to a doctor prescribing you opioids. You could also begin to develop an addiction if you are using this substance for more than a couple of weeks. Attempting to stop using this drug completely can result in severe withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, it is essential to understand how to taper off drug use and to see a medical professional before attempting to do so.

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