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Lake Charles pedestrian struck, killed by hit-and-run driver

It is a lonely, terrible end. Lying broken and in excruciating pain on an empty street as life ebbs away. This tragedy was played out in a recent pedestrian accident when a Lake Charles man was struck by a vehicle that then drove away.

The 43-year-old died of the injuries sustained in the violent hit-and-run collision, law enforcement officials said.

Study: Big drop in Louisiana’s DWI/DUI arrest rate

It is a good idea to reflect on trends from time to time and assess how Louisiana is doing. We recently read a new study that shows dramatic improvement in the drunk driving arrest rate here.

From 2009 to 2018, the Louisiana DWI/DUI arrest rate fell 59.4 percent – the third-largest decrease in the nation.

Survey: overwhelming majority of Louisiana divorces are amicable

According to a recent survey, slightly less than half of all divorces in the U.S. end amicably. The research by the online will-creation site found that two out of three divorces in Louisiana end on amicable terms, however. The site says it surveyed “5,000 divorcees” to arrive at its figures, though it does not speculate why marriages here might end on better terms than they do in most other states.

A Baton Rouge family law attorney shared his theory about why Louisiana divorces tend to be less hostile, on average, however, speculating that life here includes so many pleasant distractions that divorcing spouses can focus on things other than their marital split.

The dangers of ignition interlocks required by Louisiana law

In certain situations, Louisiana law requires you to install an ignition interlock in your vehicle and then blow into the device before you can start your vehicle. If the device does not detect a prohibited level of alcohol in your system, you can start your car up and drive off, but you will have to provide additional breath samples while you’re driving in order to prove you’re not drinking while you’re behind the wheel.

The rolling retests are random and require you to take a hand off of the steering wheel, put the device to your mouth and blow. If you fail the test or do not take the rolling retest, your vehicle will go into “panic mode” with flashing headlights and honking horn until you pull over and turn the engine off. This is what life is like for those required to install an ignition interlock device after a driving while intoxicated (DWI) conviction.

Another look at Calcasieu Parish arrests

Lake Charles TV station KPLC regularly posts on its website booking reports from Calcasieu Correctional Center. The sparse lists contain nothing more than a single line about each arrest, giving the person’s name, age, hometown and the charge (or charges) they face.

The lists lack context, including crucial information about evidence, police procedures, probable cause, witnesses and so on. Sometimes the listed charges sound worse than what they really are and sometimes the allegations sound deceptively minor. We thought it might be useful to offer another perspective on recent booking lists.

Why should I pursue compensation after a car accident?

A car accident can ruin your day. But the aftermath can be just as challenging and can have life-changing consequences. However, some people might be tentative when it comes to seeking compensation after a crash. But whether you think it’s too stressful, time-consuming or just plain greedy, pursuing help after your accident can help you deal with the damages and move forward with your life.


During divorce and after: Happier holidays

While everyone would like the holiday season to be like storybook tales of family and good cheer, sometimes difficult realities intrude on life. Sometimes couples struggle with not only holiday pressures, but also with their relationship and marriage.

In many cases, the holiday season is the last stand for a marriage. That’s why more couples file for divorce after the holidays than at any other time of year.

Tips for divorcing parents on dealing with holiday stresses

The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the special love and affection that family members have for one another, but for families that have recently gone through a divorce or are anticipating a divorce, the holidays can add extra stress to an already difficult time.

We recently read a column by a family therapist who urges parents in those challenging situations to make a concerted effort to communicate with each other and help their children have an enjoyable holiday season.

The perils of holiday driving

The holiday season is upon us. It’s the time of year to sit down with family and friends to share stories, good food and laughter. It is also the time of year when some celebrations will involve an abundance of alcohol, which far too often ends in a motor vehicle wreck, injuries and even fatalities.

Just as New Year’s Eve has become notorious for the dangers posed by drunk drivers, so too is “Blackout Wednesday,” the night before Thanksgiving. Because virtually everyone has a day off of work on Thanksgiving, some see that as an excuse to go out to Lake Charles bars and clubs and party to excess. When they then get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they put all other motorists at risk.

Louisiana teacher accused of kicking 5-year-old student in head

If you drive due east of Lake Charles on Interstate 10 for a little bit more than an hour, you will arrive in Lafayette. A special education teacher in Louisiana’s fourth-largest city was recently arrested on a charge of simple battery.

The 47-year-old teacher is accused of kicking a 5-year-old student in the head in the classroom. The boy’s father said, “It replays in my head that this woman putting her foot on my kid. He can’t defend himself.”

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