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Take these precautions to prevent workplace injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Louisiana continues to be one of the lowest states with reported workplace related injuries and illnesses. In fact, the number has held steady or decreased every year since 2007.

But just because the number of reported workplace injuries remains low, it does not mean precautions should not continually be taken. Workplace injuries can be anything from minor incidents that only require a quick visit with medical staff to an injury that causes significant time off from work. Regardless if the injury is minor or major, knowing what may cause an injury is important to preventing an injury.

Louisiana boy, 13, accused of stealing vehicle

It is one of those calls that every parent dreads: the police are on the phone to notify you that your child has been picked up and is suspected of illegal activity. Some Louisiana parents north of Lake Charles recently received such a call after their 13-year-old boy was arrested in Caddo Parish.

Law enforcement officials said the boy stole a vehicle and then fled officers before being apprehended. The young teen was taken into custody and booked into a juvenile detention center.

Louisiana OMV employees arrested

News articles about alleged wrongdoing all have something in common: the person arrested always sounds guilty. Why? Because the details of arrests and evidence all come from the police or prosecutors. Naturally, those two groups are not particularly interested in other versions of events. Their jobs are to make arrests and get convictions.

When we read articles about arrests, it’s good to keep those things in mind. Take, for example, a recent news article about a Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles employee recently arrested and accused of stealing Motor Vehicle Inspection stickers.

If a friend divorces, you might be next

Our friends make us laugh and help us face adversity and get through tough times. And according to recent research, our friends are also tremendously influential in matters of divorce. A study by Brown University, Harvard University and the University of California found that you are 75 percent more likely to divorce if a friend has divorced.

If a friend of a friend has divorced, you are 33 percent more likely to divorce.

Debate over Louisiana criminal justice system reform continues

Last year's sweeping reform resulted in drastic changes to Louisiana's prison population. For instance, state officials have reported that there has been a 20 percent decrease in people put in prison for nonviolent crime and a 42 percent decrease in the number of people imprisoned for drug possession.

Those changes are among the reasons for a dramatic shift in prison population: the majority in state prisons are now violent offenders. Officials also tout larger-than-expected savings on the reform.

Please drive carefully: Lake Charles public schools have reopened

It is that time of the year in Calcasieu Parish: summer vacations have come to a close for public school students. The bell has rung and classes have restarted.

That means it’s time for Lake Charles drivers to be especially careful around our city’s schools so that we will have zero child pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Auto service AAA is conducting its annual School’s Open – Drive Carefully awareness campaign, hoping to help parents and other motorists keep kids safe.

How to deal with your divorce at your Lake Charles workplace

It is often difficult to know how to deal appropriately with the emotions and very personal issues that divorce can bring to the surface. There are clearly different types of support and interactions involved when you discuss your divorce with a family member or close friend than when talking about it with a neighbor or co-worker.

Because we often spend 40 hours or more per week in close proximity to the people we work with Monday through Friday, divorce can present difficult issues in your Lake Charles workplace. A recent article by a divorce coach offers advice to those going through the end of their marriage to help them effectively and appropriately navigate work relationships.

Watch Out For Bail Money Scams

A recent incident in Louisiana serves as an important reminder of a common scam that targets well-meaning parents and grandparents of adult children: the bail money scam.

According to an article from Myarklamiss, a mother reached out to police to report a call in which the caller claimed that her son had been arrested for DUI and needed bail money. Frightened and hoping to help her son, the woman proceeded to send the caller more than $2,000, only to find out later that her son had not been arrested at all.

Louisiana State Police arrest five on insurance fraud charges

It takes about two hours to drive northeast from Calcasieu Parish to Evangeline Parish. According to Louisiana State Police, its detectives recently arrested four women and a man on insurance fraud charges.

According to LSP, the five staged an auto accident in the sparsely populated parish. Law enforcement officials believe the group staged a crash in the parish seat, Ville Platte, back in December of 2015.

Study: Vehicle vibrations trigger drowsiness in drivers

The truckers piloting the tractor-trailers that roll in and out of Lake Charles – or rumble by on their way elsewhere – are often making journeys of hundreds of miles at a stretch. To try to maximize their pay and minimize their time on the road, some truckers will drive 9, 10 or 11 hours at time. As many of our readers know, the maximum allowed to truckers by law is 11 hours.

Unfortunately, some truckers push themselves beyond that limit, putting themselves and the motorists they share the roads with in danger of a crash, serious injuries and even fatalities. Fatigued drivers have trouble focusing, maintaining their lane and determining a safe following distance. Some even doze off while their vehicle is in motion.

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