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Does Bird Nesting Have A Financial Benefit?

Bird nesting is an increasingly popular option for divorcing parents. This is when the children stay in the family home while the parents take turns living there with them. When not staying there, each parent lives in his or her own separate residence.

This option has been praised as minimizing the impact of divorce on children. However, as a recent article from CNBC points out, it could offer a financial benefit to the divorcing parents as well.

Six-vehicle Lake Charles crash results in multiple injuries

Law enforcements officials said it began when Westlake police officers tried to stop a car for speeding. It ended minutes later in a six-vehicle Lake Charles crash that resulted in injuries to three people.

Westlake Police Chief Chris Wilrye told an area TV station that officers initially saw the 24-year-old driver speeding on eastbound Interstate 10. Though his speed at the time was 92 miles per hour, that would increase significantly once pursuit began.

Louisiana man’s DWI arrest makes national news

It takes a little more than four hours to drive east on interstate 10 and other highways to get to Cut Off, Louisiana. The 200-mile distance can be covered easily enough in a car, but what if you were driving a lawn mower? The town of less than 6,000 in Lafourche Parish recently garnered some national attention when one of its residents was arrested for drunk driving – on a lawn mower.

Law enforcement officers apparently saw the 59-year-old driving the mower on the shoulder of a highway just past midnight on Saturday morning.

Planning for retirement – and divorce

There are so many factors to consider as you begin to ponder a divorce. Those factors include child custody and child support, as well as spousal support (also known as alimony) and property division.

Because Louisiana is a community property state, it’s especially important to understand which assets will be considered as a married couple's joint property. One item often overlooked by older couples facing divorce and trying to figure out the details of their future finances is that they can, in many cases, collect Social Security retirement benefits based on their former spouse's work.

Diabetes and DWI

The American Diabetes Association says that more than 30 million Americans are diabetic, which is about seven times the population of Louisiana. People with diabetes often struggle with related health issues, including increased risks of glaucoma, heart disease, neuropathy and nerve damage.

Diabetics often struggle with another issue that gets too little attention: they are more likely than the average person to be falsely accused of DWI. People with diabetes have abnormal rates of metabolism, which means the condition can result in inaccurate blood-alcohol content (BAC) readings and result in a charge of driving while drunk.

Follow-up on Louisiana’s LACE

Regular readers of our Lake Charles legal blog will recall that early this year we wrote a post about problems with LACE (Local Agency Compensated Enforcement), a program designed to strengthen local law enforcement agencies across Louisiana. LACE was funded by local district attorneys who contracted with the State Police to have troopers help local agencies enforce traffic laws.

Unfortunately, LACE developed legal problems of its own. We read recently that a former state trooper from Calcasieu Parish's Troop D is one of four law enforcement officers arrested as part of the investigation into possible misuse of LACE funds.

Should Louisiana Require Unanimous Verdicts In Felony Trials?

Unlike nearly every other state, Louisiana only requires that 10 out of 12 jurors agree on a defendant's guilt for the defendant to be found guilty in a felony criminal trial. However, thanks to a new bill, this policy may soon come to an end and juries may be required to unanimously agree in order for a defendant to be convicted of a serious felony.

Highway hero saves family after SUV rolls, slams into tree

He learned about life and how to conduct himself in a couple of important ways: he was born and raised in Louisiana and he served his country in the military. The 55-year-old truck driver used his training, instincts and quick thinking to save a family of six after they were in a motor vehicle crash on a Texas interstate highway.

Fernandez Garner said he was driving his truck on I-45 behind an SUV when a gas tanker cut right in front of his big rig. Within moments, the trucker watched as the SUV then went off the highway, flipped over several times down a hill and slammed into a tree.

Louisiana lawmakers considering minimum marriage age

There is no perfect age at which to marry. There is a risk of divorce for all couples that marry, regardless of their respective ages.

However, there is a push by some Louisiana lawmakers to put an end to so-called child marriages. A proposed law would establish 18 as the minimum age to marry here. Similar proposals are under consideration in Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Missouri, Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut and California.

This Friday’s celebration elevates the risk of car crashes

This Friday, marijuana enthusiasts will celebrate an informal holiday known as 420. In cannabis culture, April 20 is a day to partake of the substance (typically around 4:20 pm) and rally for legalization. We don’t know of any 420 celebrations scheduled for Lake Charles, but we do know that fragrant clouds will float over observances around the nation.

While 420 is typically perceived as a mellow, harmless event, there is new evidence of an increase in motor vehicle accidents on April 20. Researchers combed through 25 years of data, comparing the number of fatal wrecks in the days surrounding 420 to the number of deadly crashes that happen on April 20 from 4:20 pm on.

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