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Supreme Court rules police have limited seizure powers

Many police stations across the country use the seizing of private property to discourage criminal activity. The practice, called civil forfeiture, is widely accepted as a standard in police tactics.

However, the Supreme Court has ruled the power is limited under the U.S. Constitution. Just what is civil forfeiture, and why could it be unconstitutional?

Louisiana rapper facing felony drug charges

If you get on Interstate 10 and drive east of Lake Charles for about 220 miles, you will arrive in Bogalusa, Louisiana. The Washington Parish town of about 12,000 is home to rap musician Javarious Scott, better known as JayDaYoungan.

The 20-year-old was recently arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

When wives earn more than husbands, divorce risks rise

Once upon a time, it was rare for a wife to earn more than her husband. Fifty years ago, career opportunities for women were limited and many chose to be stay-at-home moms, so the instances of wives with higher incomes than husbands were uncommon.

Today, 38 percent of married women earn more than their husbands, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And this non-traditional income disparity can in some cases lead to marital problems and divorce, according to several studies.

Research: distracted drivers think they’re ‘extremely safe’

It’s a common sight around Lake Charles: drivers with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand holding a phone to an ear. It’s clear when watching their animated expressions and gestures that they’re enjoying their conversation – and that they’re not paying attention to other vehicles or traffic signs.

New research reveals a strange twist: when asked to assess their driving, the most distracted drivers of all tend to rate themselves “extremely safe.” They ignore reality as easily as they ignore traffic. And the reality of distracted driving is that using your phone for talking, texting or entertainment while you’re driving makes you much more likely to cause a crash that results in injuries or fatalities.

Former Lake Charles police officer indicted for excessive force

Many of our regular readers know that a former Lake Charles police officer was recently indicted for allegedly using excessive force while making an arrest. Forty-four-year-old Robert Hammac is accused of assault with a Taser nearly two years ago.

A federal grand jury in Lafayette indicted Hammac on a single count of deprivation of rights under color of law.

The evolution of child custody in divorce – and more

It was not long ago that it was seen as an all-or-nothing fight. Today, divorces involving child custody issues are often resolved with shared parenting agreements between the mother and father.

A recent article on the evolution of child custody by a divorce coach said courts across the country are increasingly recognizing that children do best when they have access to both of their parents and that kids are adaptable – they quickly become accustomed to their parents’ new roles during and after the divorce.

Drunken highway crash takes life of Louisiana man

If you drive about 70 miles east of Lake Charles, you will come to St. Landry Parish. Louisiana State Police say that is where a violent rear-end collision took place recently in which a man was killed and two people were injured.

State troopers said they believe that a 52-year-old Church Point man was driving impaired and was responsible for the crash. He was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and vehicular negligent injuring. He was also cited for refusing to submit to a chemical test to determine if he was impaired in the wreck on U.S. 190 that left a 66-year-old Eunice man dead.

Distracted driver crashes into big rig on Louisiana interstate

As regular readers of our Lake Charles legal blog know, we regularly write about the dangers posed to drivers of passenger vehicles by lumbering, 18-wheel behemoths on Interstate 10. Tractor-trailers are long, tall, heavy and slow to stop and difficult to maneuver.

When drivers give in to the lure of technology and pay attention to their phones instead of traffic and the road, the likelihood of a motor vehicle crash with injuries or fatalities soars. When that distracted driver hits a big rig, loss of life is even more likely.

Louisiana officials charge five with Medicaid fraud

Medicaid is a joint effort of the federal government and the 50 state governments to help more than 70 million Americans with limited income and assets receive needed medical care. 

We recently read of five people arrested across the state on Medicaid fraud charges after a joint investigation by the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation, the state Department of Health and the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office.

Louisiana corrections officers accused of crimes

Everyone understands that life behind bars is very difficult. Those sentenced to serve time in the Louisiana State Penitentiary have long, trying times ahead of them. Those who work at the prison located about 150 miles east of Lake Charles often struggle, too, trying to get by on low wages as they spend significant portions of their days behind bars as well.

We read recently of seven Angola employees arrested on charges that include felony malfeasance in office, smuggling contraband and sexual misconduct.

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