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Louisiana police chief arrested after wife drives cop car on suspended license

When couples marry, they often vow to have and to hold their spouse for better or for worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health. One Louisiana sheriff is accused of taking his wedding vows too far after he allegedly allowed her to drive a marked police vehicle though her driver’s license was suspended.

According to news reports, the chief of the French Settlement police department has been arrested and charged with malfeasance in office.

Schoolkids struck in series of distracted driving crashes

The youngest participants in Lake Charles’ morning rush hours are also its most precious: children. They’re today’s joy and tomorrow’s promise, but they are also in danger of being harmed by distracted drivers. According to a news source, a series of recent early-morning distracted driving crashes across the nation claimed the lives of five schoolkids and left a half-dozen others hospitalized with injuries.

The sequence of tragic wrecks began when 6-year-old twin brothers and their 9-year-old sister were struck by a pick-up truck as they crossed a street to board a school bus. All three siblings were killed in the Rochester, Indiana crash. Another child was also hit by the pick-up, and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Another important divorce tool to know is QDRO

Louisiana is a community property state. What that means if you are a divorcing couple is that assets accumulated in the course of the marriage are equally owned. For example, assuming you bought a house together, you each are entitled to half the value of that property. The same goes for cars, furniture and artworks or collectibles.

Deserving of inclusion in marital assets, but sometimes overlooked, are retirement funds. Such moneys accumulated during the marriage are subject to division on the basis of a 50-50 split. However, considering that the funds might be legally held in one spouse's name, distribution in divorce often requires special legal documentation, called the Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).

Wrongfully arrested Louisiana man hailed at New York concert

There is irony in the title of Jay Z’s debut album – “Reasonable Doubt” – and an annual concert recently promoted by the music legend. A 22-year-old Louisiana man was flown to the show as a special guest where he was cheered by concert-goers celebrating his freedom.

Raheem Howard, of Baton Rouge, was wrongfully arrested, charged and jailed for shooting at a police officer. CNN commentator Angela Rye told the crowd that when the community made its voice heard and evidence in the case was examined, injustice was reversed and Howard was released.

Part II – Study: Fatigued drivers as dangerous as drunk drivers

Regular readers of our Lake Charles legal blog undoubtedly recall our recent post about the dangers posed to drivers by fatigued truckers. As we stated a few days ago, the most common cause of 18-wheeler crashes is sleep-deprived truck drivers.

A recent AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study shows that drivers who get less than four hours of sleep are as dangerous as those who get behind the wheel with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.12 percent – equal to 1.5 times the legal limit.

Part I – Study: Fatigued drivers as dangerous as drunk drivers

They roll through Lake Charles all day and all night. Tractor-trailers move needed goods into our city and take locally produced products elsewhere. While most trucking is done carefully and safely, the industry is nevertheless plagued by violent truck accidents that result in serious injuries and deaths.

The most common cause of big rig crashes: Fatigued truck drivers. Because of the unique pay structure of trucking, most drivers earn more when they stay on the road as long as possible, often at the expense of sleep and rest. According to a new study, drivers who get less than four hours of sleep are as likely to make errors as those with blood-alcohol concentrations at 1.5 times the legal limit.

Using a car seat the right way could save your child’s life.

At first glance, using a car seat may seem straight forward, but when you have your first child, you suddenly realize it’s not as self-explanatory as you’d once thought. There are so many questions you’d never before considered: Which type of car seat should you use? Which direction should the seat face—and for how long?

These are common questions for new parents. And as car seat designs are changing and crash tests are becoming more sophisticated, the conventional guidance on car seat usage is also getting revised. In today’s post, we discuss two new pieces of safety advice regarding car seats:

Marriage expert: Signs of trouble

Six years ago, we had a different U.S. President, Louisiana governor, LSU football coach, and a different coach guiding the McNeese State Cowboys. The best-selling singer of 2012 was Carly Rae Jepsen, the Summer Olympics were in London and Google Glass was a thing.

On a more personal level, six years ago was also the starting point of trouble for some couples. Marriage expert Dr. John Gottman says couples endure an average of a half-dozen years of unhappiness in their marriage before resolving the issue in divorce.

Louisiana women face white collar charges

In many situations, white collar criminal investigations can stretch out over weeks and months and in some cases, even longer. An investigation of two women who live about 200 miles due north of Lake Charles began about six months ago, according to news reports.

The pair were at that time both working at a Shreveport bank when the Louisiana State Police Insurance Fraud and Auto Theft Unit opened an investigation into allegations of forged documents sent to three insurance companies. The women – a 52-year-old from Bossier City and a 39-year-old Shreveport resident – were arrested days ago and charged with identity theft, forgery and computer fraud.

Marijuana possession arrests on the rise

Change has swept across the nation in recent years, with a number of states legalizing recreational use of marijuana. Those changes have yet to reach Louisiana, however. We continue to have some of the strictest drug laws in the U.S.

Lake Charles law enforcement continues to make arrests for marijuana possession and other weed-related charges. And they are not alone. According to news reports, marijuana arrests nationally are increasing despite the recent wave of legalization.

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