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Study: Everyone hates distracted driving, but many continue to do it

We humans have a remarkable ability to know that something is true but at the very same time ignore that knowledge. A recent study on traffic safety drives that point home.

The study reveals that most of us are agree that distracted driving causes car accidents, injuries and fatalities. At the same time, many of us continue to engage in the dangerous behavior.

Author: Women, men experience "gray divorce" in different ways

Married in their twenties, they have spent the years since raising a family, working hard to get ahead and making their house into a home. Now that the kids are gone and their careers are nearer the end than the beginning, they face a new challenge: divorce.

It was at one time rare for people in their 50s to get divorced, but those days are gone says the author of “Gray Divorce: What We Lose and Gain from Mid-Life Split." Researcher and professor Jocelyn Elise Crowley, Ph.D., says that men over 50 and women over 50 experience divorce in very different ways.

Louisiana police officer caught falsifying drunk driving report

You have to drive east of Lake Charles on I-10 for a few hours to get to St Tammany Parish. Last year, a sheriff's deputy known there for making drunk driving arrests pulled over a Slidell man and began conducting a field sobriety test. After the test, the deputy arrested the man on a drunk driving charge.

But things are not always what they seem to be. Deputy Bryan “Ricky” Steinert later admitted that he fabricated his arrest report. He also resigned his police position, putting dozens of cases in which he had been the arresting officer at risk.

Suing after an accident, necessary for getting fair compensation

A car accident, no matter how minor it seemed at the time, is a major disruption in your life. For many people, the idea of filing a lawsuit against the other party feels awkward and uncomfortable. Asking for money is never easy, but it can be a financial necessity to pay for accident-related expenses.

Unplanned expenses

Which Louisiana city has the state's highest divorce rate?

If you drive east of Lake Charles on Interstate 10 for a little more than three hours, you will come to the divorce capital of Louisiana: Westwego. The Jefferson Parish town sits on the banks of the Mississippi river with a divorced population of 19.3 percent, according to a recent news article.

That rate is well above the state's percentage of divorced residents: 12. It also makes Westwego the community with the highest divorce rate in Louisiana.

Study: Drowsy drivers in 10 percent of all car crashes

Because Interstates 210 and 10 go through Lake Charles, we are often a stopping place for drivers from Florida on their way to Arizona, or vice versa, and for drivers from Alabama and Mississippi on their way to Texas or New Mexico. There are many other permutations of starting points and destinations, of course.

What it all boils down to is that Lake Charles is often host to fatigued drivers who have spent many hours on the road. A new study highlights the dangers drowsy drivers pose to other motorists. According to AAA, drowsy drivers are involved in 10 percent of all motor vehicle accidents -- a percentage much higher than previously believed.

Putting on the wedding gown one more time

For many women, it's a mystery what to do with their wedding gown. It's not really the sort of dress you can wear to the office, gym or grocery store. Nicole Niesner's friends found a reason to pull their gowns out of storage.

They arrived in mountains of taffeta with bottles of wine at Niesner's home on the night her divorce was finalized. The divorce party was on. “The party wasn’t celebrating divorce necessarily," said Niesner. "It was about friendship and supporting me as I start my new chapter."

Crowd safety tips for Mardi Gras celebrations

As the end of Mardi Gras nears and Shrove Tuesday approaches, the final parades and events are in full swing. Music and event venues swell to beyond capacity and maximum occupancy limitations are often ignored. Caught up in the fun of the festivities, patrons are not concerned with swelling crowds. But overcrowding in bars and other establishments can make safe exits nearly impossible in the event of an emergency.

Mardi Gras crash injury victims are still recovering

It has been nearly a year since a drunk driver slammed his pick-up truck into a crowd gathered to watch a Mardi Gras parade. The 26-year-old was recently ordered by a judge to spend about three more years behind bars for the crash that injured more than 30 people.

Twenty-three people were hospitalized after the crash. News reports have indicated that a number of injury victims were left with pain, traumatic memories and enormous medical bills.

LACE program under the microscope in parishes across Louisiana

Parishes across Louisiana were shaken this winter by revelations that the LACE program, the goal of which was to strengthen local law enforcement, had developed into an apparent payroll scam.

Funding for LACE (Local Agency Compensated Enforcement) comes from local district attorneys who contract with the State Police to have troopers work extra hours enforcing traffic laws, including in Calcasieu and adjoining parishes. Recent reports indicate that investigation of the alleged scam is widening.

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