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What are my options if a work accident was due to third-party negligence?

All of the petrochemical plants and manufacturing facilities in the Lake Charles area have workplace safety guidelines. If you work in one of these industries, you know they are heavily regulated.

Still, serious workplace accidents do occur, and injured workers and their families often encounter obstacles when trying to get the compensation they need for medical bills, lost income and other costs. While workers' compensation may be helpful in many cases, accidents that happen as a result of third-party negligence can be significantly more complicated.

There is much more to a criminal charge than a short news story

Most Lake Charles residents have been to New Orleans at least once. Just across the Mississippi River from the Crescent City's uptown area and Audubon Park Zoo sits the town of Westwego.

A resident of the suburb was recently arrested and accused of stealing money from a charity in neighboring Gretna. Law enforcement officials say the 36-year-old stole nearly $73,000 from the Gretna Historical Society.

Post-divorce parenting: Surviving and succeeding

Few things in life offer more potential for joy than parenting. Of course, being a mom or dad also holds the potential for a wide range of difficulties. Those conflicting possibilities can be even more sharply defined for parents who divorce.

A woman who has gone through divorce and then learned through trial and error how to be a good post-divorce parent recently shared some useful tips on how to survive and succeed. Her advice might well help you to avoid some common missteps.

Lurid allegations dominate a Louisiana divorce

The headlines in a Louisiana divorce case can make readers do double takes. According to news reports, recent filings in a Lafayette divorce show that a businessman's wife claims that he planned the alleged kidnapping in which she says she was handcuffed and tortured and threatened with rape and murder.

Lawrence Michael Handley was arrested last week on kidnapping conspiracy charges four days after police reportedly found his estranged wife bound in a van on Interstate 10. Police also found two apparent hired kidnappers drowned not far away.

Three arrested on Louisiana child porn charges

If you drive east of Lake Charles on I-10 and then head south around Crowley, you will soon arrive in Abbeville. The Vermillion Parish seat is home to a 25-year-old man recently arrested on child pornography charges.

The Abbeville man faces 11 child porn counts, a TV news report stated. Two other men were also arrested by law enforcement officials after a state Attorney General’s Cyber Crime Unit investigation.

Police suspect impairment in fatal Louisiana I-10 crash

Many Lake Charles residents have made the hour-long drive east on I-10 to Lafayette. The fast-moving interstate was recently the scene of a multi-vehicle crash when traffic stopped in a road construction zone, but an SUV did not.

The westbound Ford Expedition slammed into the back of a 50-year-old woman's car. She was killed in the crash. Police apparently suspect that the 29-year-old driver of the SUV was impaired at the time of the wreck.

Need medical bills covered after a wreck? Know your legal options.

People who get injured in car and truck accidents go through more than the physical pain and suffering of the injury -- often medical costs resulting from the crash are crushing.

If this is your situation after a wreck in Louisiana, rest assured that you are not being greedy or litigious for seeking the full amount of compensation you need and deserve. The reality is that insurance companies routinely offer settlements that come nowhere close to covering the full cost of an injury, and in many cases, bringing a lawsuit is the only way injury victims can get their current and future medical bills covered.

Tire falls from truck, kills woman on Louisiana interstate

It is a nearly four-hour drive due north of Lake Charles to get to Caddo Parish. Sheriff's deputies there are investigating a recent crash involving a tractor-trailer on the interstate that took the life of an Oklahoma woman.

The 38-year-old was killed when a large tire came loose off of the back of a cattle trailer and slammed through the windshield of the SUV the woman was riding in on I-20 with her family. Inside the vehicle with her were her four children and her husband.

Study: your job affects your chances of divorce

No one has a crystal ball and is able to accurately predict which married couples will one day divorce, but there is no doubt that research and reason can make the future less mysterious.

Analysis of U.S. Census data by an employment website has revealed which careers are most likely to have higher divorce rates. At the very top of the list are first-line enlisted military supervisors with a divorce rate of 30 percent.

How criminal charges could affect a young person's future

Many people mistakenly assume that a young person who receives a misdemeanor conviction can just undergo the legal penalty and go on with his or her life. Unfortunately, even minor convictions at a young age can come back to haunt your child.

Parents in Louisiana need to be aware of the legal options for protecting their children's future. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can answer any questions you have and develop a strategy for achieving a positive resolution of your child's case.

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